How to get started with Docu!

Messenger Live Chat plugin will enlarge your business throughout communicate your customers.

Installation guideline

To get started, you need to do the following:

  1. From left sidebar click the plugins option> installed plugins
  2. Activate social feeds plugin by clicking Active button (Skip step 2 if already activated)
  3. Once you have activated, you will see social feeds option in the left sidebar
  4. Click on Messenger Live Chat from left-sidebar
  5. Then you will be seen Authorize tab for youtube
  6. Please Logged In by clicking Facebook logo button
  7. Once you click, you will be redirected to google Facebook login screen
  8. After login successfully, you will be redirected to Leaddevs Messenger Live Chat app permission to get access
  9. Once you gave permission to the Messenger Live Chat app by clicking okay button, app will redirect you to your plugin page
  10. Then you can manage your feeds by clicking Settings
  11. See Facebook messenger chat icon populated of your website